"My name is John K. Westbrook. I am an artist."

As a young boy I started experimenting with many different mediums, materials and techniques for color, style and textures. I was selling my work on a professional level in my early teens. By age seventeen I had received nine national awards for my art. I attended a commercial art school and studied architecture. After completing high school, I traveled to Washington D.C. to study on a scholarship. I had the privilege of studying under the Italian stone carvers who were completing the National Cathedral there. This is where I developed a passion for stone carving. Over the past 30 years I have worked with different fine art mediums, including carving marble, granite, various semi precious stones, bronze, wood, ivory, silversmithing, drawing and painting. My work has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the southwest and has been featured in newspapers, magazines and international publications. After working with several galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona, I had learned some prominent clients had a desire to reintroduce products they had handled years before. Miniature architectural sports stadium recreations. After extensive research we were able to find a quality product worthy of being sold as a “fine art collectible.” It was at that time I was commissioned by these gallery owners to design and produce something more suitable to be sold as fine art. These materials would include cast bronze and stone, mounted on a marble base with crystals in a solid brass light fixture. These crystals radiate and refract the light to give the appearance of illumination from the stadium night lights. These artistic and aesthetic recreations of your favorite ballparks are of the finest quality and made of the highest valued fine art materials. One of a kind limited editions.

Yours to enjoy for many years,
John Kimball Westbrook